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New Members Received At Hill of Refuge Family in Korea

The Hill of Refuge Family in Taebaek, Korea, received its newest members on Friday, May 10th. Koinonia Nam and his wife Ruth Kim, who had been baptized as Presbyterians many years before, were received into membership of the Hill of Refuge Family in the Syro-Chaldean Church through chrismation.

All the adult members and a number of child members assembled for the joyful occasion along with friends and supporters. Bp. Ben Torrey, Missionary Bishop for Korea, received Koinonia and Ruth into fellowship through the anointing with holy myuron (special oil used only for chrismations) at a Eucharist celebrated in the East Gate Chapel, The Three Seas Center, Taebeak, Korea. Their two children, son, Shuva, and daughter, Sha'ara, had been baptized into the Church as infants.

The Hill of Refuge Family is an unorganized gathering of members living at Jesus Abbey and in the city of Taebaek. We gather for worship and special occasions while we anticipate the eventual establishment of a parish in the area. Rejoice with us in these new precious members of our "Family." Pray with us for the establishment of an organized parish when the time is right.

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