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Deacon LaFleur Serving In Ecumenical Ministry

Deacon Jeff LaFleur, who has served the Syro-Chaldean Church of North America for several years, was recently appointed a liturgist in a Methodist church in Tampa, Florida. Deacon LaFleur is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force (USAF) stationed in Tampa. As the Syro-Chaldean Church of North America has no established local church in Tampa, we are extremely pleased that our Deacon can serve in this ecumenical ministry for the greater Church.

Deacon LaFleur, his wife Charisma, and their four children were welcomed warmly by their new congregation. The Methodist Church leadership in Tampa recognized Deacon LaFleur and the Syro-Chaldean Church of North America’s apostolic and liturgical roots in the Holy Apostolic and Catholic Assyrian Church of the East.

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