Did you know that the earliest known church is found in the prison for terrorists in the Valley of Armageddon?

With a number of others, on invitation by the Israeli Government Antiquities Authority, we boarded the Jerusalem bus charted by the government to be taken to A...

I see the New Testament as intensely Jewish. But outside of the New Testament, is there anything else that is intensely Jewish that speaks of Jesus? Yes there is, and I will tell you of it. Let's take for instance the Cross. Readers of the New Testament will remember t...

[Alvin Toffler, author of the trail blazing"Future Shock", and my next door neighbor growing up]

Wouldn't you think that the God who made the immense universe, which we are learning about every day, ought to be big enough to give a person a little peace of mind, a littl...

The Church is founded on it's Head, the Lord Jesus Christ. See how fundamental is the Bible! Through just one incident of convergence between the Bible and modern archaeology, we can feel the reality of the Bible and the reality the Bible records. And so it is with our...

Matthew 5: 17-19 suggests a valid question often asked by Christian people - why aren't we keeping the Torah if Jesus so taught that in these passages? The passage in question reads, "Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destro...

Canon 75 (of the Syro-Chaldean Church of N.A.). "Abortion shall be opposed".

How we become anything, is not so simple. But there is a sure steady hand that directs.

With me, it began after a mass Charismatic meeting at Shea Stadium in New York in 1978. The main human par...

I would not call it "peacemaking" in the political sense, nor even consider it making peace in any other recognizable sense that one hears about nowadays. I would call it "sneaking in peace", or "peace as a by-product" of the presence of the Prince of Peace, or even, "...

I write this because I want to share with you how really unique we have been in our blessings in Israel, at Christmas time, and how that uniqueness has something to say to us here and which I believe many of you already experience in your own personal and community liv...

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We are a community of believers in Jesus Christ. We are one part of His universal Church. We are a family of congregations known as the Syro-Chaldean Church of North America.

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